Online booking for Godly Play Scotland

We are excited to announce that our 3rd Godly Play Conference will take place on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th November 2021.

We’re welcoming Dr Robyn Boeré as our guest speaker. Robyn is Associate Lecturer in Christian Ethics at the University of St Andrews.

This time we’re online. It would be lovely to be together, but we know that social distancing may still be necessary and that we’ll need to wear face masks … so online seemed like the best way to go.

The best thing about being online is that all the story sessions and workshops are there for you to dip into for three months after the conference - they are all recorded, so just choose what you can do on the day and fit the rest in when you have some free time.

And, in May 2023, we’ll meet again … at Portobello and Joppa Parish Church, with Dr Rebecca Nye.

Because Portobello and Joppa are such an important part of Rebecca’s early childhood, she asked if she could be with us in person.

2023 feels like it is a long time away, especially as our last conference was in November 2018 … so, we hope that we’ll see you online in November.

The cost is £20 for the whole conference. Booking your place through our Online Booking site takes you straight to a Stripe payment page - if you would prefer to be invoiced, please contact Alex at